Albums and Prints

Why would I want an album?

Let me share with you my experience with albums. As a child I have always been facscinated by the big albums that my parents had.  They were old, musty and had only 4x6" prints in them.  But those albums were tangible photographs that I could sit on my mom's lap and look at, point at and ask questions.  It was my parent's way of connecting me to the rich history of my family.

Fast forward to today and I still believe in the power of albums.  I enjoy sharing my memories with friends and families that come over to visit and pull out one of our many albums.  I print an album each year on some of our highlights.  The people, the places and the experiences that we shared.  Whether the photos were taking on my dSLR, or on my wife's iPhone, it doesn't matter.  We still send it to print.

Now, my wife couldn't understand why I was so adamant about it, but since I printed the first set of albums (especially of my daughter's birth) she now understands the power of being able to hold that photograph in her hands.  It is a deep emotional connection, more than just an image on the screen.  These photos are accessible easily without hunting backwards through years of photos.  

Our photos are already easily categorized, but in all honesty we rarely look online to our photos and we definitely look at our albums and prints much more.

So I encourage all of our clients to print.  To me, it is really the completion of your wedding day.  It is not just for you, but for the people around you to look at and for you to share with generations to come.  We source out quality albums that have great visual impact and longevity.  We offer great incentives for you to print with us, because all we really want is for you to have a printed piece to remember your special day by.

Each year we dedicate time to look for new or better offerings of our quality products to bring to you.  We want to find easier ways to print for you and help you make decisions, because we think that it is important.  We look forward in crafting your heirloom!

Prints and stuff

Prints to me are the same as albums, except it is typically a single snapshot of a point in time.  How we choose to preserve it depends on a bunch of variables from visual aesthetics to location and required impact.  But the story for me behind the power of prints is that my grandma didn't really have albums.  Because she immigrated here during tumultuous times in Hong Kong and China, they didn't really have the luxury of packing albums.  All that they really had were a few water damaged prints.  She hung those proudly on the wall at her home and I became fascinated with it in my later teens.  Looking back at those pictures and asking questions gave me insight to my culture and history.  Years later, I would find myself helping repair some of those photos digitally and preserving them for our future generations of my cousins and I.

In my home, I print some of my favorite pieces of travel photos because it brings me back to the place and helps me rekindle some of the great memories.  So it is without hesitation that I invite my clients to purchase prints of their day to put around their home and share with their family and friends.  We partner with great labs across the country to bring you high quality products that will stand the test of time.

You've trusted us this far in the process to give you a great customer service experiences, beautiful photos and we hope that you understand our commitment to you also extends to our prints.  Take our products for a test drive and compare them to the ones you get at Costco or Walmart and you'll immediately see and feel the difference in the products we offer.