Live Broadcasting your Wedding

Live broadcast wedding montage with ipads, iphones and computers
Weddings are so international now, stay connected... be involved

More and more couples are having destination weddings or have family and friends abroad that can't make it to their wedding day.  Keep them involved and included by having us live stream the wedding and making it available for them to watch live time or at their convenience.

To make things even more amazing, we can have that live broadcast shown at the venue on projector screens so that people in the back can see.  Don't want to invest in adding extra AV?  No problems, those people can also see it live on their phones and be immersed in the wedding.

Live broadcast of wedding on ipad
What's involved?

Our mobile production team will be there to setup multiple cameras and a switchboard operator will create the live feed and send it to broadcast for your guests to either watch on a Facebook Live feed, or a YouTube live feed.  We can make sure it remains private by adding passwords to ensure only people you want to see the event can!

Have this service for just the wedding ceremony or just the reception or both if you like!  

Sounds amazing!  How do we figure out if it's good for our wedding?

The first step would be to chat with our team to see if it's a good fit for your wedding and then discuss the logistics.  Live broadcast packages start at $600.