Frequently Asked Questions

Photobooth Q&A
Do I get a printout?

 Some of our booth have a no print options.  As long as you have a print option, it takes approximately 30 seconds for our photobooth printer to print out your photos.

Do I get a digital copy?

We provide a downloadable gallery within one business day after your event.

Are props included?

Absolutely!  We include a prop box with the booth.  If for whatever reason you don't want one, just let us know!

Is your booth open or closed?

Our booths have both options available.  Just let us know which you prefer for your event and we'd be happy to accomodate!

What types of backgrounds do you have?

We have a variety of backdrops available!  As we are constantly changing, feel free to inquire about our latest offerings!

How big is your booth?

A closed booth reaches the dimensions of 5 ft x 5 ft x 8.25ft.  We typically ask for a 6ft x 6ft space for closed booths so there is room to breath and accomodate lines.  Our smallest booth can fit an open space of 3ft x 3ft. 

What do you need to supply us on the event night?

Ideally, we require a table to put props on and 2 chairs.  If for some reason this can't be provided to us, let us know and we will bring a set.  Just make sure we have space for the table with the booth.

Can I rent your booth without an operator?

Unfortunately we cannot run the photobooth without an attending operator, because we want to make sure the photobooth is working constantly and someone is always there if any issues arise.  The operator is also responsible for making sure your guests have fun and to prevent damage from guests that may be a little happier than they can handle.

How fast do the prints come out?

Prints come out in about 30 seconds after the last photo is taken.

How many people can fit in the booth?

Currently the maximum record for the number of people that have managed to take a photo together in a closed booth is 17.  That being said 2 of them were babies.  Just a warning, that many people in a booth gets cozy and VERY intimate

Can I have a logo or a customized design for my printouts?

Sure can!  We custom design the printouts for all our rentals and we work with you to find a design that works.

What do the prints look like?

We have a few options for you to select from before we design.  We'll help you find the right design for your wedding!

Can I get printouts for everyone in a group?

To prevent backlog and creating unhappy people waiting for prints, we limit the absolute maximum number of prints in a group to 2.  The only way to get more prints would be to add a print station to the rental which includes a separate selection station and extra printer.

Can I tell the operator to stop letting people take photos for a while at my wedding?

Yes, if you have a full evening rental you can ask the operator to pause it at any time.  If you have an a la carte rental there is a downtime fee of $75/hour.

Can you setup the booth earlier in the day?

We typically arrive to setup your booth an hour before your requested start time.  We can setup the booth up to 2 hours before your event start time at no extra charge.  Anything earlier than that will incur an early setup charge of $175 to cover the cost of arriving early to setup.