Frequently Asked Questions

Photography Q&A
Can I hire just one photographer?

Yes, however we don't recommend just a single photographer for weddings over 100 people.  There are a few reasons for this.  One is that we want to make sure we give you comprehensive coverage for your wedding day.  A single photographer can only do so much.  There are limitations to what they can bring and carry and do.  A second photographer not only acts as a second set of eyes on your wedding, but also assists in lighting and carrying equipment so as to maximize time shooting rather than transporting and setting up.

How long should I hire you for?

We usually help you figure this out on our discovery meeting.  We ask lots of questions and try to understand the things that are the most important to you and then make appropriate suggestions. The things you want to consider are things like:  are preparation photos important?  Do you want a First Look? How amazing do you want your portraits?  How important are family photos?  When will the formal part of your reception finish?  Are there cultural items that you want or need captured?

We consider a variety of items and help you plan your day.  This is a value added service for you so that you have a good skeleton of a itinerary to start with! 

Describe your style

We believe in capturing as many aspects of your wedding as possible.  From family members and friends all the way to the beautiful details you worked so hard selecting we want to capture them all for you.  The style we choose to photograph and edit in relies a bit on your personal preference.  When hiring us, you are not only hiring any photographer, you are hiring a photographer that understands lighting and styles to help match your vision.  We select team members that best suit your day and preferred style.  We use a combination of natural light, flashes, posed, candid and editorial styles in our work.  Ultimately we want to photograph your day to best suit the look of your wedding, the style that you like more of and present to you something that is not only beautiful, but unique for you.  The best way to understand how vastly different our work can be is to come to the studio and see our sample albums

How are my photos delivered?

We understand the need for immediacy and so your preliminary delivery will be via a downloadable gallery.  That gallery stays active for 3 months for you and you can download and share as you please.  You can also purchase prints from our trusted lab.  USB's and prints are available for purchase as an added option. Due to the limited storage space, all unclaimed items will be purged after 6 months.  If you would like us to mail it, we can certainly do so locally to Metro Vancouver.  If sending abroad we charge a shipping and handling fee dependant on where we send it.

Do you have albums and prints?

Absolutely!  In fact, we are so passionate about printing we give you a spectacular deal for up to 6 months after your wedding!  We are really big fans of printing.  We think it is something that transcends time, and is well kept and safer than just relying on technology to keep it safe.  Hard drives fail, photos get lost in cyberspace and you won't look at your photos as often if it's only on your phone.  You will however look at albums on your table, bookshelf or photos on your wall.  Please please print. Whether it is with us or not, please print the images!

Can I get a discount?

We offer incentives for you to book multiple services with us and we have great incentives for booking with us based on your total package price before taxes. 

Who will be my photographer?

We have multiple primary photographers on our team.  The day you sign you will know or be able to select your primary photographer.  Your retainer secures them for your day and only under extenuating circumstances will that change.  No bait and switch.  We believe in good business and we always operate in good faith!

What equipment do you shoot with?

Our team photographs with professional cameras from Sony, Nikon and Canon.  The equipment we use depends on the style and requirements of you, our clients.  We also use a variety of lights and reflectors in our work. We also have backups for our camera, lenses and flashes to ensure that we are well prepared for anything that happens.

How old is this company?

This company is a division of a long standing company Three Sixty Media.  Previously, Three Sixty catered to both weddings and the corporate world.  We decided to separate the brand to accommodate the team members that strictly shoot weddings and to focus our attention to you and your wedding day.  Three Sixty has been serving the Lower Mainland since 2001 and has a long standing tradition of excellent business practice and reputation.  Until this division establishes deeper roots, you can see some of our amazing reviews on Google via the Three Sixty Media google page.

What happens if our primary photographer is ill or injured?

Your wedding is as important to us as it is to you.  We do everything in our power to make sure that all goes well.  There may be instances where your primary photographer is unable to make your wedding.  In the event that happens we will either implement one of our other primaries for your day, or call upon our most trusted colleagues to help.  We are extremely picky and we will go out of our way to ensure that we make your day go without hitch!

Why should I select your company?

Selecting our company is an easy task.  You know that we are always looking out for a way to make your day better, your photographs better, get you better value for your hard earned dollar.  Our experience and reputation is proof of that.  We help in all sorts of ways on your wedding day and we are more than just the hired help.  We help refer you to amazing talent around town, we work to create exclusive deals with amazing vendors to give you a little extra on your day, we have a fantastic turnaround on our products and services.  

Pair that with our ability to offer you photography, videography, photobooths, AV rentals, albums and prints and we are really a comprehensive solution for your day.  We have very low turnover in our amazing team and that means that not only do we work well together, but that everyone on the team all believe in the same thing and that is creating amazing work just for you.

We are picky with who we work with and we are not shy in turning away people if we don't feel we can be a good fit.  THAT is how much we care about YOU having great memories.