Frequently Asked Questions

Videography Q&A
What makes you different from other companies?

We are different from other companies because when we say we are storytellers, we really mean it.  It's not just recapping your day, it's an exploration of your relationships and journey to get you to the pinnacle of your wedding day.  That's what we are after, we want the climax of your film to be about your wedding, but we want your story to be much much more.

You seem expensive compared to others.  Why?

Don't mistake pricing as a number to compare companies, our pricing is created to ensure that we are able to create the intimate stories we want.  We work way more on your wedding than the few hours you see us on the wedding day.  Our pricing allows for us to keep a viable business and create a wonderful product for you.  You can see that our end products are very intimate and tell a lot more about our couples.  That isn't luck, it's the byproduct of a lot of hard work and discovery.

Will I incur extra costs because of this type of work?

We specifically try to minimize any extra costs to you as nobody likes surprises.  The only thing you may incur extra would be for travel costs that may be associated with your story.  These costs are always on a case by case basis and when we show you what our vision his, you can always decline it and we can go back to the drawing board.  Always know that we are budget conscious and if we suggest travel of some sort, you'd better believe we think it will add a worthwhile piece to your final production.

How far ahead should we book?

There are 2 parts to this answer.  The combined answer is: as early as possible.  The reason why is because we take a very limited number of weddings per year and popular dates go fast.  It is common for people to book us over a year in advance.  The other reason is because the more time we have, the more opportunity we can find to explore your relationship and the journey to the wedding.  It means that we can organize times and dates for special events, gatherings, wedding dress shopping and other things that we feel will help the story.  Book us too late and our options become more and more limited.

Videography isn't really in my budget, give me a reason why I should consider it more seriously?

It is not uncommon to hear this question.  The reason why people traditionally do not think of video as an important part of their day is because it used to be boring.  Since the days of your parent's video times have changed.  Productions today are much more impressive and the stories much more complicated.  It's exciting to watch your wedding video now and with the internet, it allows your video to be much more readily available to share and watch.

Many surveys indicate that one of the biggest regrets by brides on their wedding day is not having a videographer.  There are things that photographs are great at, but performances, speeches, vows and small fleeting moments captured by video can whisk you away back into that moment.  My wife and I watch our wedding video every year together, and my little daughter loves watching it as well because she gets to see all the people she loves in the video.  To her it may not be important right now in her life, but in decades to come she will have a memory of us that she can cherish forever and share with her children.  I wish my parents had a video so I could see, but sadly they do not.

How long does it take to get my video?

For Same Day Edits, your video will be ready for download the next business day.  Highlights typically take 3-4 weeks and Features are typically delivered 12-14 weeks after your wedding. 

How are my videos delivered?

Videos are currently delivered digitally or on hard drives.  We no longer deliver via DVD because resolutions are just not as nice as the digital equivalent.  Currently in the industry we are at a crossover and we are constantly researching ways to deliver your video in a way that doesn't degrade our work but makes it easy for your to access it.

Do I get to select my music?

As of 2015 we have stopped letting clients select their music.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, with the increasing number of lawsuits over copyright, we have decided to remove the liability from having clients select their music.  Many people have improper information about the use of their music from their iTunes etc. 

The unfortunate part about not being able to use mainstream music is that we lose the type of music that helps us relive a part of our lives.  How many times have you heard a song that whisks you back to highschool or other times in your life?  That's what we miss about not being able to use mainstream music. 

So what music do you use?

The music we use comes from Royalty Free sites that allow us to purchase music and use them without worrying about copyright violations.  It also means that YouTube or Vimeo won't strip your video of music or take it down.  As soon as we find a means to use more mainstream music we will.

What equipment do you bring?

We are typically extremely well equipped for your wedding day and are able to handle a variety of situations.  One thing that separates us from many companies is our attention to audio.  We have a variety of ways to capture great audio and we have a variety of techniques available at our discretion.  We also use a variety of Canon and Sony cameras and lenses in our work.

Do you provide AV equipment for Same Day Edits?

The provision of AV equipment for your Same Day Edit is not included in the price.  However, we do have rentals available for you as long as you have booked a service with us.