Make Your Clients Look Like Stars

You have plenty to worry about on your client's wedding day.

Dealing with professionals who are supposed to make your life easier shouldn't be an added stress.

What would make the experience with your videographer smooth and seamless? Maybe somebody who actually picks up the phone, has a consistent turnaround, and has been in business for over 20 years.

Wedding Videos at Mattebox Memories are more than event recaps.

No two productions are alike. We weave together a story that's uniquely yours, starting from the initial discovery session to the final edit. 

We provide a breadth of options including same day edits, uncut videos, and more classic wedding videos ranging from 3 to 7 minutes long.

To learn more about our video services and see work we've done for couples in the lower mainland, click here.

Our quality vetted team members been trained by an award winning videographer with over twenty years of experience.

Having a team allows us to turn around work with consistent quality and speed.


More importantly, it allows us the capacity to personalize your videos - no two we've done have been alike. We can take the time to hear you out and inject flair and personality into the final product.

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