Connecting the world with

Hashtag Booths

Connect around the world with

Hashtag Booths

Instagram and Twitter have made it easier than ever to connect with people.  With weddings it's always a difficult task to get everyone together.  Whether they are overseas or just not able to come there is a part of you that wishes they could be there in spirit.

Well now they can.  Our Hashtag Booth allows people from around the world to participate in your wedding.  We can display photos with your special hashtag on a wall and print out photos on site.

Friends and family around the world can post their images and you can share in that magic.

Talk to us today to learn more and bring everyone just a little bit closer on the most important day of your lives.

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Photos Taken anywhere

On your phone, in a photobooth, halfway around the world... If your friends and family have a Twitter or Instagram account we can collect it, display it and print it.

Working with us is easy

STEP 1 - Book a consult

We will help you curate the right package for your booth.  We'll help you identify the best time to start and end and help answer any questions you may have.

STEP 2 - Customize

We can create custom designs for your hashtag experience that will make it amazing and personal for your wedding.  We will guide you through the process to make it quick and simple.

STEP 3 - Enjoy

Enjoy your day knowing our team will be there to setup, entertain your guests and leave quietly as our time ends.

After the event you'll get your images in a gallery for easy access and download.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hashtag is a tool used on social media that allows people to sort and view something specific.  

You create the hashtag, make sure it's not already being used (otherwise other photos will show up) and tell everyone to tag their photos with it.  

Our system will detect new photos and then put them into the mix and display on the wall.

Yes we can print the images out with our no smudge water resistant prints.  Customize the look of the print out and display it anyway you like!

We have a projector and screen option that requires a 8x10 space.  

We can also custom order a LCD backdrop display for you.

If you are printing, it depends on how you want to display your photos.  Lots of cool ideas, talk to us to learn more.

While wifi at a venue can be faster and more stable, we always have our own wifi hub at the ready.

This is to prevent issues with firewalls or awkward locations.  

Regardless we are limited to wifi coverage in your area.  This is out of our control, but generally in Metro Vancouver and most of the Lower Mainland we typically are okay.

Our setup allows us to download the media and store it locally on our drives for your event.  After the event is over we'll put it in a gallery for you to access and download.